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Prince Of tennis, Rp [3:43am Saturday, 2/10/2007]

[ mood | excited ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A new Au Rp for Prince Of tennis Lovers, just take a look!! one cannot have too many of those!!

hope to see you there! ^_~

*if this post is not allowed, feel free to delete it ^^*

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New Layout! (And Userinfo) [4:05pm Saturday, 10/21/2006]

Guess what people, we got a new layout!


EDIT// I've done the user info. Take a look!
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User Icon [7:26pm Saturday, 9/23/2006]
Hoi minna!

I've made an Icon for the comm but it's not really good ¬.¬

So if anyone else can make a better one it'll be great!

Yamu-chan (sakube_yamu) has made a layout but just going to be doing changes on it! Thank you yamu-chan *hugs*
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Omg... is PoT CRACK [9:51am Sunday, 9/17/2006]

[ mood | cheerful ]


Oh my, I just can't stop laughing at this! *now I understand Ryoma's problem with Sakuno's hair lenght, there's no lack or RyoSaku... o no*

Check these minna! Have you noticed?


I feel I need to go back to PoT and do exhaustive research on details! GEEZ

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WELCOME TO KnS! [5:58pm Sunday, 9/10/2006]

[ mood | crazy ]

 Ohayo minna-san 

Well, I'm kind of speechless now *too much sun today* but anyway, wanna welcome you all to the new Koori no Sekai LJ community.

For those who have no clue on what this is I'll tell then *jiji*

Koori no Sekai (KnS for short) is originally an anime forum created by a close group of friends to share the gigantic fandom over "The Prince of Tennis" series. Later it turned out into a more general anime community, that is still in it's process of growing.

So, if you're a crazy anime fan *be it any genre, or specific series* or simply wanna make some new friends who like it, don't doubt and JOIN US!!! We'll be more than glad to count YOU among us! 

            WELCOME to 
               Koori no Sekai!!!

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